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We offer you all kinds of tourist products, all inclusive or combincional hotels, apartments, and other services, we specialize in tours around the country from adventure tours to nature tours to be dazzled by its beauty in flora and fauna. Visit with us both sea and land.
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Canopy Tours

Costa Rica is also known for its world-renowned canopy tours. Imagine navigating through the treetops hundreds of meters in the air with the opportunity to observe the diverse fauna of the country. Do not worry, security here is a priority. With almost a quarter of the land covered in tropical forests, there are dozens of places and companies that will take you on this thrilling adventure. Although many of Costa Rica's national parks offer canopy tours, the best ones are found in Monteverde, the Arenal area and in Manuel Antonio.
The key to the benefit of doing horseback riding in short distances in different parts of the country, is that travelers can visit several places, while observing in the first line the surroundings and natural beauty as well as the abundance of flora and fauna of the place. Perhaps the best part of riding and walking in them is that fatigue and fatigue is not a factor, allowing tourists to take advantage of their vacations and truly experience the landscape while being in the place.